Titiaan – Rechtlijnig, Rechthoekig

01. Welkom (00.50 min)
02. Adem mijn Licht (02.15 min)
03. – (00.51 min)
04. Ook Kermis (02.07 min)
05. Huis (02.33 min)
06. Youp van ‘t Hek (01.30 min)
07. Titaan (03.12 min)
08. Pad (00.55 min)

O! be still my beating heart! Titaan is a troubadour of sorts, and his work is introverted, stumbling and sometimes slightly out of tune, or synch; but it’s compelling nonetheless. Like with all small and quiet things, if you stare long enough and pay attention, you find out more than you bargained for. And this record is the soundtrack of a life in miniature: staring out at the local Tabac across the road, waiting for it to open so you can buy the Staatslot, or preparing for an ultimately confused day trip out to Amsterdam in sensible shoes and fleece: such things do happen in NL between the hours of 11am and 4pm. What to do?

Now and again we get a carefully constructed little shuffle blessed with a lovely melody line, almost digging a Witthuesser & Westruepp vibe, at other moments you get swearing (did he really say “ball-bag?!?” We can only guess.)

This record is all about one young man alone with his thoughts, staring out into the agri-industrial wastelands, all the while wondering when his village will get a pizzeria to go with the Chinese.

Released through Smikkelbaard Distribution.