Titiaan – Liedjes over Sport en Spel

01. Liefde (01.12 min)
02. Het Spelelement (04.04 min)
03. Spanning tussen F# en E (01.05 min)
04. Het Spel (02.32 min)
05. Spanning in een (nog) onbekende toonaard (01.25 min)
06. Botten (01.38 min)
07. Kolonisten van Catan (03.50 min)
08. Homo Ludens (01.16 min)

Liedjes over Sport en Spel might be the pure sound of naiveté. Titiaan humbly busks his songs in his little room in Amsterdam. Singing songs about famous Dutch dinosaurs; games played by adults and of course his beloved subject: life! This record breathes the Hazes, Het Gloren and Mt. Eerie. The beautiful artwork has been created by Mari van Stokkum.

This work has been released on USB-stick, limited to 5 copies.