Port of Call – Our Body Is Like An Ocean, It Changes

1. Introduction to The Fall (01.47 min)
2. They Will be Known Again (03.47 min)
3. Judgment (04.32 min)
4. Intermezzo I (02.32 min)
5. Naomi (03.31 min)
6. Fernando Pessoa (Fall II) (03.23 min)
7. Furies (Fall III) (04.24 min)
8. Nescio (03.37 min)
9. Intermezzo II (Parade) (01.46 min)
10. Conclusion: Light (06.31 min)

This second record by Port of Call can only be found physically, since it has been deleted from the World Wide Web. The ten songs mourn the coming and going of the sea, accompanied by roaring Trombones, Noise and Field Recordings.

The photo is taken by Gijsje Chieltje Heemskerk and portrays her dad, cycling out of the sea in Katwijk.

This record can only be physically bought at the artist’s shows.