Pieter van Vliet – 20160222 Dit + Dat ≠ Hier

01. PT. 1 – Thema met doorwerking (09.36 min)
02. PT. 2 – Inversie van een Thema (10.16 min)
03. PT. 3 – Doorwerking (07.28 min)
04. PT. 4 – Intermezzo (10.17 min)
05. PT. 5 – De herontdekking van een Thema (09.33 min)
06. PT. 6 – Omkering in een nog onbekende toonsoort (07.48. min)
07. PT. 7 – Thema met doorwerking (08.53 min)
08. PT. 8 – Origineel RVST. (09.23 min


Dit + Dat ≠ Daar is a musical piece commissioned by Das Leben Am Haverkamp (daslebenamhaverkamp.com). It was ‘performed’ during their Paris Fashion Week exhibition at Atelier Néerlandais, Paris.

Dit + Dat ≠ Hier combines personal recordings with VST’s, found musical material (on the World Wide Web) and stolen sound snippets. It consists of eight separate parts, all orbiting around a simple melodic phrase. Included are ornithological field-recordings around Faro (Portugal), simple marimbas and personal conversations made at the local super market in The Hague. The complete collage takes about seventy-five minutes to listen.

During the Paris Fashion Week the music was played through two separate stereo-systems, focussing on the spatial dimensions of the gallery.

De Methode is an idea.

Many thanks to Anouk van Klaveren, Gino Anthonisse, Dewi Bekker & Christa van der Meer for making things happen. Please check out their work at Das Leben Am Haverkamp.

Released on limited edition USB in LP Sleeve (5 pieces)

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