NIMBUS 3000 – [Artist is Present]

01. By and By (03:58 min)
02. F๏г๓ (02:36 min) 
03. ⓕⓘⓝⓐⓛ LeAP (03:54 min)
04. C0C0 Ft. ピープル (03:43 min)
05. Back to the ↄᴉssɐιↄz (02:37 min)
06. L^V SKEՇCɧ (03:31 min)
07. MuƨicMacer (03:35 min)
08. VLAP (02.44 min)
09. Today’s Modulation (03.24 min)
10. BIEBER (04.35 min)

[Artist is Present] is NIMBUS 3000’s first major work. After releasing his first EP on Smikkelbaard, N3K showed its feel for pop hit songs on this LP. Themes like J. Bieber, Contemporary Art and the search for meaning are intertwined in this labyrinth of feeling and expression. This work – to be very honest – ain’t as good as his follow-up Truth // Fecit.

This work has been released through Bandcamp

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