NIMBUS 3000 – 1993 FUTURISM [unmastered]

01. SYRUupP POTION (03.02 min)
02. OPEN WORLD (03.52 min)
03. 3.1 SWORDS & FIGGY (02.41 min)
04. 3.2 FRIENDS FOR EVER (03.12 min)
05. FOЯREST IN THE SKY (03.49 min)
06. NxT EPISODE (02.34 min)
07. TOWN 0ф HORSYs (02.36 min)

NIMBUS 3000’s sought-after EP, released by the great minds of Smikkelbaard. It obviously feels like a search for meaning in a digital world, seemingly blending RPG-sounds with the soothing pads of the PSR-17 and CS-80. Bath yourself in your internet-culture. Everything, all of the time.

Released through Smikkelbaard Distribution

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