De Methode – Thrashed

01. Rhythmic Structure #4 (02:57 min)
02. Incapable of Producing Melody (03:59 min)
03. Tragic (03:10 min)
04. Rhythmic Structure #8 (Breath) (03:39 min)

Thanks to De Bescheidenheid, these four songs are kept safe from disappearing in the vast digital emptiness of the Macbook thrash bin. They ended up there twice: once on December 2nd 2016, once during the humid month of April 2017. Both months seem to be the perfect moment to release such a cold, isolated work as Thrashed, but somehow it just never happened.

So on the day of writing – on the 21st of August 2017 – these four songs reappeared on the world wide web. Four songs that do not have much to tell, except being explorations in the world of sound and rhythm. I could imagine them on the dance floor, but to be honest: I wouldn’t like the DJ that would do such a thing.

Released on Limited Egg Holder

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